Kerosene is an oil distillate commonly used for fuel or as a solvent. Here are some examples: camping stove fuel, kerosene heaters, cleaning equipment, kerosene lamps, and heating oil. It is currently sold at 3 of our locations: Humboldt Corporate Office, Renwick Fastway and Fort Dodge Ampride.

How Interesting:
W & H Oil Cooperative was formed so that the farmers could get a better price on Kerosene. It was 16 cents a gallon in 1929.Kerosene was the main source of lighting before electricity was invented.It is a FLAMMABLE liquid that has been widely produced since 1846.In the US, Kerosene is legally required to be stored in a blue container to avoid it being confused with the much more flammable gasoline, which is kept in a red container.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a solution of urea and water that is injected into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to turn gases into nitrogen and water. Vehicle manufactures implemented using DEF in dielsel vehicles to meet the EPA emissions standards in 2010. We have it in totes to be delivered or you can bring in your own container to be filled at the Humboldt Corporate Office.