Buying From Us

Thank you for considering W & H for your energy needs! We have 7 convenience stores, 5 cardtrol sites, deliver fuel, gas and propane to homes and farms.

You can be a customer or a customer member. But what is the difference?

To become a customer, all customers must fill out a credit application. There is a personal or a business credit application. Once the credit application is submitted, we use Transunion to run your credit score for the personal applications and for the business applications we contact your trade and bank references. The application can be approved, denied or a COD (cash on delivery) account can be set up and you will receive a letter for confirmation.

Becoming a member is optional. Once the credit application is filled out, a membership form and W-9 will need to be completed. A membership only costs a $10 one-time fee. At the current time, the following purchases are used to calculate patronage dividends: Station fuel charged to members account, fuel deliveries, non-convenience store merchandise, and labor. Patronage dividends are paid after a locally profitable fiscal year and will vary from year to year according to the cooperative’s earnings and IRS regulations. Patronage dividends are not guaranteed and may not be paid every year. Patronage is based on the fiscal year September 1 through August 31. The board of directors will determine what percentage of patronage dividends will be paid in cash and what percentage may be credited to a member’s account as equity. Members who are agricultural producers are voting members. Nonvoting members cannot vote at a member meeting or be elected as a director, but a nonvoting member has all other rights of a membership. Memberships are non-transferable.