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Tankwagon Fuel Delivery Service


We have two tankwagon trucks currently.  Our newest truck is a 5600 gallon stainless steel tank wagon truck that has five compartments to facilitate deliveries. It has two 1500 gallon, one 1000 gallon, and two 800 gallon compartments. The versatility of this truck allows us to load directly out of the terminal in Ft Dodge which will save our members time and money in freight costs. Equipped with an in-cab ticket printer, our drivers will now be even more efficient.

Call the Corporate Office at 1-800-392-3816
for prices or have Jim Pauk email you!

Andy 515-890-1656
Lyle 515-890-1657


Products We Deliver



Ruby Fieldmaster Diesel

Ruby FM Seasonally Enhanced (in the winter (-25 degrees) (in the winter)

#2 Diesel Dyed (Off Road)

#1 Diesel Dyed

Kerosene Dyed#2 Clear w Cold Flow (+1)

Roadmaster Clear SE (-25 degrees)



Gasoline: Super Unleaded (E10) 87 octane, Unleaded 87 Octane and Regular Unleaded W Lead Substitute