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Fuel Sales

W&H Coop offers a full selection of the following products at competitive prices and we deliver for farms, residential, and commercial customers.The delivery area map is a general guideline – please contact us if you are located outside this area and you would like to inquire about W&H becoming your fuel provider.

FUEL PRICES----CONTACT Jim Pauk @ if you would like to be added to the daily price emails.




















Propane Purchase Programs 

We are at your service when it comes to propane delivery, our personnel are trained through the National Propane Gas Association Certified Employee Training program and are extremely efficient and dependable when it comes to your propane delivery, system installation, or service.  Addtionally, we at W&H are committed to coming up with a program that helps manage the cost of your propane needs. 

Summerfills:This program allows the tank to be filled July 1-Aug 30 at what are historically lower summer prices with deferred payment until September 15 for qualified customers. Summer fill is not included in any of the contract options.

Scheduled Delivery:Summerfill and heating season deliveries will be made on a predetermined schedule. However, you should still monitor your tank to avoid outages related to leaks or unusually heavy usages.


Prepaid: Total cost of product is paid at time contract is signed.  Product price is discounted in comparison to other contract programs.

10 Cent Down: (Not available to “Cash Only” Customers) 10 cent per gallon down payment due at time contract is signed.  Prepayment is deducted from contract price as product is delivered.  Standard credit policy applies.

Budget Plan: Total cost of contracted product is spread in equal monthly payments over the number of months from the contract signing through the following April.












Ruby Fieldmaster Diesel

Ruby FM Seasonally Enhanced (in the winter (-25 degrees) (in the winter)

#2 Diesel Dyed (Off Road)

#1 Diesel Dyed

Kerosene Dyed#2 Clear w Cold Flow (+1)

Roadmaster Clear SE (-25 degrees)



 We deliver Super Unleaded (E10) 87 octane, Unleaded 87 Octane and Regular Unleaded W Lead Substitute   








Kerosene is an oil distillate commonly used for fuel or as a solvent.  Here are some examples: camping stove fuel, kerosene heaters, cleaning equipment, kerosene lamps, and heating oil. These are currently sold at 3 of our locations: Humboldt Service Center, Renwick Fastway and Fort Dodge Ampride. 

How Interesting:
W&H Oil Cooperative was formed so that the farmers could get a better price on Kerosene. It was 16 cents a gallon in 1929.Kerosene was the main source of lighting before electricity was invented.It is a FLAMMABLE liquid that has been widely produced since 1846.In the US, Kerosene is legally required to be stored in a blue container to avoid it being confused with the much more flammable gasoline, which is kept in a red container.