Hello Customers!

Propane Energy Assistant Program Links:

UDMO - https://www.udmo.com/programs-services/energy/liheap/

MICA - https://portal.empoworbycsst.com/Public/ClientAccessForm.aspx?AccessID=c90840ab-caca-42e3-bc64-49250b92a96a

NICA - https://nicao-online.org/energy-assistance/

New Opportunities - https://www.newopp.org/services/outreach/heat-assistance-liheap


Ryan Grove is now the new Store Manager at The Station located in Fort Dodge by Sports Page. He has been the Assistant Manager at our Fort Dodge Ampride and has been with the company since 2017. 

Tammy Kirby has now been promoted as the Assistant Manager at our Fort Dodge Ampride located by Menards. Tammy has been with the company since 2012. 

We would like to congratulate both of these employees for being such an asset to our company!

December 3rd we are having our company Christmas Party, so some our our gas station locations might be closing early. Hour changes for the Holidays should be posted on our doors. Thank you for understanding that fellowship is important. 

We have mailed out the Patronage checks for Fiscal Year 2022 with the letters inviting all members to our 93rd Annual Meeting. It will be held on Dec 7th at River Valley Orchards. Lunch will be served 11 to 12:45 with the meeting starting at 1pm.


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