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Why Should I and How Can I Become A Member

Anyone can become a Member! A Membership is a one time only $10 fee. We payback patronage refunds to our customers with memberships on refined fuels, propane, station fuel, labor and service center merchandise.  

Agricultural Producers become Class A Members

Non-Agricultural Producer Customers become Class B Members

The difference between Class A and Class B is that Class A member has the right to vote at meetings and are allowed to run for a position on the board. Class B members have all other rights of a W&H Co-op membership. The dividends will be paid the same if you are a Class A member or a Class B member.

Patronage dividends are paid after a locally profitable fiscal year and will vary from year to year according to the cooperative's earnings and IRS regulations. Patronage Dividends are not guaranteed and may not be paid every year. The board of directors will determine what percentage of patronage dividends will be paid in cash and what percentage may be credited to a member's account as deferred equity.  

Patronage is based on the cooperative's fiscal year, September 1 through August 31. Applicable purchases will count toward patronage for the entire fiscal year in which you become a member. Purchases must be recorded through the member's account at the time of sale to be counted towards Patronage. Cash sales must be recorded through the member's account at the time of sale. Purchases charged to an outside credit card such as a Visa or Discover or Debit Cards will NOT be used for determing patronage dividends.

Memberships are not transferable.

All members are invited to an Annual Meeting usually held the second week of December with a lunch prior to business meeting. Patronage checks are handed out prior to businss meeting. Checks not picked up are typically mailed the week following meeting.