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Fuel Merchandise

Cimtek/Biotek Filters- 3/4 inch 02, 10, 30 micron-microglas and cellulose
                                           1inch 02, 10, 30 micron-microglas and cellulose
                                                 *Make sure your filter and filter heads match your fuel pump GPM

Hoses - Unleaded, Leaded, Diesel: 3/4 inch x any length you need
                                  Leaded & Diesel: 1 inch x any length you need

Nozzles - Husky Brand, made in the USA, Heavy Duty Farm/Commercial Use

Snozzle - Nozzle Protectors - Keeps moisture and debris out of your nozzle!

Lube Scans - Think that there is something wrong with the fuel in your fuel tank? We can take a sample, send it in to CHS and come up with a more precise conclusion.