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1929 - W&H Coop organized

Farming was just beginning to change from horses to tractors. Kerosene was selling at 16 cents a gallon, but the wholesale cost was 6 cents per gallon. So, a local farmer, Edgar Hovey felt this was too much of a difference to pay. He encouraged area farmers to work together to buy petroleum products at a reduced price. A Badger banker helped get the farmers organized to form their own cooperative, W&H Cooperative. The first location was in Badger, Iowa. In the first year, a tank wagon truck was added to the operation and another truck in the second year.

1930 – The first expansion – a gas station was opened in Goldfield on the south side of Hwy 3 just across the highway from our current Cardtrol.

1942 - Added two of our very own transport load trucks. These trucks transported  fuel from Clear Lake to our bulk plants. We also added automobile service to the Badger location.  At that time W&H had 5 employees.

1948 - We expanded to Renwick after buying a competitive distribution plant.

1959 - Propane gas sales and services were added to our list of programs.  In four years, we were the largest purchaser of propane from Farmland and the second largest purchaser of refined fuels.

1960 – Tank wagon services were added to the Clare area. We also added new facilities in Renwick.

1968 - Logue Oil of Livermore was purchased.

1969 - We built a new service center and moved the office from Badger to Humboldt (near our current Humboldt bulk plant). We also started selling appliances and the Humboldt station was on Main Street.

1979 - The main office was moved again. This time to Hwy 169 across from Bank Iowa. The Humboldt station was moved from downtown to this same location. We had also purchased Nelson Petroleum in Goldfield.

1983 - We purchased Eagle Grove Coop Petroleum Department and New-Coop Petroleum Department.

1984 - Cardtrol was added to service our areas with fuel. Renwick was chosen as the first location for this brand new technology!

1989 - Renwick's convenience store was purchased.

1994 - Fort Dodge truck stop was purchased and remodeled naming it Fort Dodge Ampride All-Around.

2000 - W&H changed regional cooperative from Farmland to Cenex.

2001 - New Ampride station in Humboldt was built. We went from full service to self serve. 

2002 - New Ampride station opens in Eagle Grove.

2011 - We built a propane plant in Moorland to better serve our customers in that area.

2011 - We were the first fuel retailer in the area to have Blender Pumps! They were installed at Humboldt Ampride, Eagle Grove Ampride, and Fort Dodge Ampride All-Around.

2014 - Fort Dodge Ampride fire on February 6 declared total loss.

2014 - Renwick Fastway remodeled station re-opened.

2015 - Fort Dodge Ampride reopened.

2016 - We purchased The Station at 2320 N 15th ST in Fort Dodge May 26.

2017-  On August 24 Corporate Office moved into new facility at 1021 16th Ave N in Humboldt.

2018-  Acquired Dows area bulk plant for Refined fuel & propane distribution from New Cooperative.